Different users have access to different functions on this wiki. But some have different ranks, which allows them to have necessary functions in order to do their job.

Bureaucrat Functions

Bureaucrats can preform the same tasks as administrators. However, they are the only ones who can promote administrators and even other bureaucrats. They also cannot be demoted once promoted to this rank, the only users who can demote them are wikia staff and themselves.

List of Bureaucrats

Zynical (wiki adopter, bureaucrat, administrator)

Administrator Functions

Administrators can preform the tasks of any other usergoup, aswell as much more. They can block a user on the wiki, delete blogs and forums aswell as replies, and undo a bad edit in one click. However, administrators can only promote other users to no rank higher than a moderator.

List of Administrators


Moderator/Rollback (Sub Admin) Functions

These are in the same section because these usergroups are paired together on this wiki. Moderators can close bad blogs and forums, delete and moderate the forms and blogs aswell. Rollbacks can undo bad edits made in one click, this also goes for vandalism and spam, or even housekeeping.

List of Moderators/Rollbacks (Sub Admins)


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