Here you will find the policies and guidelines that should be adhered to when adding images and pages or making changes to the wiki.

Fables wiki

While this is a subwiki of the Fables wiki, adding content from the parent wiki is not allowed. Some templates remain the same (the Character template for example), but they will be changed in a near future.

Note: Keep in mind that TWAU wiki's vision is to secede from Fables wiki design, so don't add new pages in Fables style wether it be about a Character, Location or a Book of Fables.

User behavior

  • Vandalism is not tolerated on this wiki and will always result in a block varying on how major an admin judges the act to have been.
  • Rudeness towards other users will result in a warning. If the rudness continues, the user will be permanently banned (or blocked) from the wiki.

Neutral point of view

Articles should not be biased, but instead represent differing views on a subject fairly.

Image policy

When uploading an images, it shall have a description, license tag and appropriate category(-ies). Fan art is not allowed on the wiki unless the user would use it for his/her userpage.

New images should be uploaded with:

  1. A summary
  2. A licensing tag
  3. An appropriate category


When categorizing images, they shall be named as "Image (>page name<)". For example, Bigby would have his image category named "Image (Bigby)".

Underage users

Although The Wolf Among Us is rated M for mature (17+), it's alright if the user is between the age of 14-16 years old. However, users at and below the age of 13 will be directly dealt with and banned from the wiki, if the user would reveal their age.

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